Now the whole go-to-market team can repeatedly create and win large enterprise deals.

Elite selling power in an easy-to-use platform

Featuring an intuitive, secure, cloud-based application and a host of productivity-enhancing modules, Databook’s Customer Intelligence Platform delivers personalized, real-time insights that help go-to-market teams pinpoint which companies are likely to buy, who to connect with, and when to act. The result? Every rep sells like your best rep. Every time.

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Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform

Sales Ops & Strategy

Prioritize the highest propensity to buy accounts and balance territories

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Account Managers

Create winning points of view for key buyers that generate 3x larger deals

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Inside Sales

Target leads based on the highest pain and urgency

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Field & Product Marketing

Load industry and product content to auto-generate 1:1 personalized outreach

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Value & Industry Specialists

Support in-flight deals with business case and industry expertise to convert deals

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Sales Leadership

Predict high-risk deals in-quarter and coach sales teams on executive buying needs

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Empower smarter, more strategic sales teams.

Databook gives sales professionals access to data-driven insights on everything from opportunity intelligence to propensity to buy. Focus account-based sales and marketing to accelerate the sales cycle.

Deliver more accurate sales forecasts.

Armed with the right data, go-to-market teams gain a unique understanding of why companies are ready to buy, which business outcomes they’re seeking, and when deals are most likely to close. Consistently meet—or exceed—quotas.

Scale and repeat to 3x the pipeline.

With just a few clicks, Databook helps sales reps craft sophisticated deliverables that speak directly to key buyers with the power to influence high-dollar deals. Efficiently fill the pipeline and drive more wins with ease.

Databook customers see proven results across the board.

Time Saved Per Account


Sales Cycles Accelerated By


“With Databook you can get insights that took me 2 months to build within 2 hours.”

Account Executive, Fastest Growing SaaS Company




91 days

“Databook is a forcing function to up-level the business acumen of your reps, help them prioritize their accounts, and aim their entire sales effort squarely at the business problem that it aims to solve. GAME. CHANGER.”

Area VP Sales, Large Enterprise



“Databook has been central to nearly all of our big deals in [our region] last year. It can further accelerate sales productivity in FY20 and drive additional yield to help us build recession-proof sales plays.”

Chief Revenue Officer, Chief of Staff, #1 Most Innovative Company in the World





“Net-new is extremely difficult. For us to obtain a first meeting, we must provide new insights coupled with an extremely compelling value proposition. Databook helps us do both while simultaneously establishing credibility in the prospect’s industry.”

VP Sales, Top 3 ERP Company

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