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What is the Databook Partner Network?

Databook’s partner network helps companies establish authentic differentiation through innovative technology that’s truly unique. Our ready-to-go functionality easily rounds out existing offerings to rapidly enhance product or service value, while delivering easy-to-measure ROI. As a result, our mutual clients achieve, on average, a three fold growth of pipeline. And customer success metrics confirm that Databook shortens sales cycles by 54%. Join our roster of high-profile partners, and solidify your status as a trusted advisor to your clients.

Service providers

Joining the Databook Partner Network will elevate your consultancy practice in CRM through innovation, revenue growth, and customer commitment.

How? Databook’s features deliver real value for a range of organizations and departments—everything from sales and marketing to value engineering and beyond. As such, Databook helps consultants step out of the standard CRM zone into new departments and personas, so they can provide a wider scope of innovative services within a client company.



Looking to drive new business?

  • Expand the use of CRM to broaden your reach & increase sales

  • Gain a value-add differentiation over the standard CRM license

  • Deliver a more innovative offering for your clients

Software vendors

Databook’s uniqueness in the sales tech category adds proven value to a software vendor’s solution.

How? Unlike most sales tech solutions that simply deliver sales information, Databook helps customers quickly and easily act on what they learn. Not only can your customers leverage Databook features to pinpoint compelling value propositions and use cases, but they can also automatically generate high-value content—like sales decks and executive briefs—to save countless hours of work. And ROI is easily demonstrated by the speed at which customers can now book meetings, create content, and close deals.




Ready to elevate your solution?

  • Find new ways to stand out in a crowded market

  • Easily prove your solution’s ROI 

  • Help customers automatically leverage the data you deliver

Technology developers

Databook helps technology providers deliver a full-service solution to their clients, faster and more effectively.

How? Databook widgets can easily be integrated or white-labeled into your solution, enhancing your product’s value while giving customers additional innovative features to save time, elevate team performance, and simplify work. Furthermore, with Databook’s unique value proposition and fast ROI, you’ll also see higher renewal rates that edge out your competitors.



Want a more robust, renewable offering?

  • Deliver new functionality faster

  • Fill gaps in your technology offerings

  • Maintain license renewals 

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