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Account-based selling is the process of tailoring your solutions and use cases to specific company priorities, and then employing highly personalized communications to engage key decision makers. Of course, C-suite engagement isn’t always a comfortable route, which means it’s imperative to get it right if you want to make a connection.

Databook’s Outreach Email Builder makes personalized executive engagement fast, easy, and powerful. Leveraging insights from the Databook Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform, this application module automatically creates persuasive, data-driven email content aligned to the prospect’s point of view. No more wondering what to say—just straightforward credibility.

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Delivering fast, insight-based content, the Outreach Email Builder module is a game-changer for the whole go-to-market team.

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Establish credibility.

Grab executive attention when you demonstrate deep industry knowledge and point to specific business outcomes.


Increase opens.

Ensure higher open rates with high-quality content that’s tailored to the exact executive and company you’re targeting.


Engage faster.

Secure C-suite meetings faster with personalized email outreach to every account at every touch.


Elevate value.

Expand the potential of prospective deals with opportunities for further personalization by an AE or BDR.

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Outreach Email Builder helps you get personal

Expert account-based selling made simple

  • Dynamically generated emails combine Databook insights and user input to quickly create content that’s personalized for your recipient.

  • Base email templates can be customized to your organization’s specific go-to-market strategies.

  • Intuitive interface is easy-to-use for every team member and every account.

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