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Get enhanced visibility into prospects and teams

Databook’s Prospect Intelligence module analyzes publicly available company data across all your accounts to provide an outside-in Propensity-to-Buy score.

Databook’s Opportunity Intelligence module expands those features with CRM integration to provide further insights into opportunities at risk and those with upside potential. It also tracks team data across key activities relating to demand generation, account planning and revenue delivery.

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Prospect Intelligence delivers clear data in real time

Know the who, why, and when behind every account

  • Customizable search by selected companies and keywords.

  • Buying cycle alignment display shows which prospects are at the right stage of their budgeting cycles.

  • Management intent insights outline which priorities rank highest for key leadership at your companies.

  • Financial insights from prospect companies help you build a meaningful case for change.

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Turn intelligence into results

Prospect and Opportunity Intelligence modules combine with our Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform to deliver real business benefits.

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Protect revenue

Ensure a more consistent revenue stream and more accurate forecasts by flagging at-risk deals and neglected opportunities.


Generate demand

Ramp up pipeline by ensuring team members engage with prospects with a high propensity-to-buy score.


Accelerate sales

Improve conversion rates and close deals faster when you align your activities to customers’ specific buying cycles.


Raise productivity

Optimize your team’s performance by weeding out incompatible prospects and focusing reps on value- and insight-led selling.

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Opportunity Intelligence taps into your CRM

Extend visibility to track team productivity

  • CRM integration cross-references prospect data against your team’s specific performance and pipeline activities.

  • Demand generation stats show if your team is creating the insights and points of view to drive executive engagement at customers.

  • At-risk pipeline display highlights deals requiring further inspection and possible adjustments to forecasts.

  • Upside opportunities highlights accounts with high propensity to buy.

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