Engineered for alignment

The go-to-market journey involves a number of diverse business functions, each with its own unique challenges and responsibilities. Not surprisingly, many sales and marketing tools respond to these varying perspectives with piecemeal functionality, effectively ignoring the importance of team alignment.

Databook’s Enterprise Customer Intelligence Platform (ECIP) is built differently. We know that the most successful go-to-market teams must efficiently support each other’s efforts, and the most successful technologies need widespread adoption. That’s why our easy-to-use solutions tackle pain points from every angle with robust flexibility and power.

Next-level performance in every role

  • 3.1x pipeline growth per seller.

  • 4x higher marketing engagement.

  • 50% more accurate sales forecasting within 6 weeks.

  • 29% increase in average deal sizes.

  • 74% reduction in time spent per account.

Whatever your priorities, Databook delivers.

Sales Leadership

Today’s executives and sales leaders face urgency around competition, forecasting, customer intelligence, and team productivity. Databook solutions are built with the big business picture in mind.

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Marketing professionals need the tools, time, and budget to produce personalized campaigns that support sales efforts. Databook’s platform makes it fast and easy to engage customers with a compelling point of view.

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Sales Operations

Sales Ops wants to streamline the entire sales journey, from targeting better accounts to enhancing support in the field. Databook enables more efficient, effective productivity across the board.

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Account Managers

Account Managers need a clear, easy way to elevate their game and exceed quotas, without risky tactics or gimmicky tools. Databook positions every rep to sell smarter and faster, on every deal.

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Value Engineering

Value Engineers want to prioritize their time and productivity but can’t be everywhere at once. Databook makes it easy for everyone to build value-oriented business cases that speak directly to customers’ needs.

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