Strategic Enablement for Account-Based Selling

Less Planning, More Doing

How Do You Create an Opportunity?

Any opportunity requires you to answer the “three whys,” but figuring out the right answers can be tough.

Why anything?

What are your prospect’s strategic priorities? Who are the buyers tasked with owning the charge?

Why Now?

What’s the financial case for change and how do market conditions and budget cycle impact the likelihood of getting a deal done now?

Why You?

How do your use cases align with priorities and weaknesses? How do you show the potential impact and prove you can make it happen?

What is strategic enablement?

Strategic enablement is the art of leveraging information, process, and technology to successfully craft the strategies needed to drive effective sales execution.
Sales Function Revenue Tech What databook Does
Reporting & Forecasting CRM Revenue Intelligence
  • Outside-in Deal Risks
Execution Sales Engagement
Sales Enablement
  • Training & Coaching
  • Personalized Content
Strategy Development Databook
Human effort
  • Data Interpretation
  • Account Strategy
  • Business Case
Research & Data Inputs Revenue Data
  • Buyer & Account Data
  • Intent & Propensity to Buy

Value for every perspective

Sales Leadership

Today’s executives and sales leaders face urgency around competition, forecasting, customer intelligence, and team productivity. Databook solutions are built with the big business picture in mind.

Sales Operations

Sales Ops wants to streamline the entire sales journey, from targeting better accounts to enhancing support in the field. Databook enables more efficient, effective productivity across the board.

Account Managers

Account Managers need a clear, easy way to elevate their game and exceed quotas, without risky tactics or gimmicky tools. Databook positions every rep to sell smarter and faster, on every deal.

Marketing and ABM

Marketing professionals need the tools, time, and budget to produce personalized campaigns that support sales efforts. Databook’s platform makes it fast and easy to engage customers with a compelling point of view.

Value Engineers

Value Engineers want to prioritize their time and productivity but can’t be everywhere at once. Databook makes it easy for everyone to build value-oriented business cases that speak directly to customers’ needs.

All hands on deck
Enable your entire team with the blueprint for creating and winning big deals.

Show up with the blueprint for success – for everyone in the room.

wins influenced
increase in ACV
Incremental Pipeline

Real Enterprise Sales Impact

A Fortune 50 software company’s global GTM teams leverage Databook and its downloadable assets to prepare for internal and customer meetings. The platform provides a foundational pillar for the company’s account planning process enabling teams to share and align strategies internally.
When a leading data/AI company rolled out Databook as the primary research tool for the whole GTM organization–AEs, BDRs, Solution Engineers, Value Engineers and ABM–the company saw a sizable reduction in effort and time across the team. This scaled the client’s value-selling investment and drove substantial revenue gains.
Databook helped a leader in execution management quickly prioritize accounts based on propensity-to-buy and provided automated account insights built around the customer’s applicable use cases. This accelerated the onboarding period for new AEs by providing personalized and repeatable point-of-view materials, leading to increased pipeline, accelerated deal cycles, and improved win rates.

The Databook Opportunity Creation Cloud

Built on a foundation of account intelligence, our applications translate data and insights into winning sales strategy and execution.


High Quality,
Daily Data updates

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Value Focus Sales performance Optimization
Commercial Intelligence Industry AnalysisInvestor Sentiment Management IntentPeer Benchmarking* Contextual Keyword Analysis
  • Your use cases
  • Your value drivers
  • Your relevant keywords
  • Your case studies

“Always On” Account Strategies Sales Collateral BuilderSales Engagement Plans Need-Based Planning & Forecasting


Outside-in Deal Support Services Enterprise Sales Skill Development

Account planning set to easy

“You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information. There’s a lot of things that you can buy that provide data to teams, but it has to be something that they feel confident in using.”

Kevin Jordan Director of Sales Performance

Databook is a game changer

“Databook will revolutionize how you do account planning and how you prepare your reps to sell into their accounts. And it does all of this in a way that is entirely accessible to the average sales rep. GAME. CHANGER.”

Frank Perkins AVP, Enterprise Corporate Sales, Salesforce

Value-based discussions at scale

“With its unique insights and account planning capabilities, our sales teams can consistently anticipate their customers’ needs and drive value-based discussions – at scale – resulting in deeper customer connections and sizable incremental revenue.”

Tracy Galloway Corporate Vice President & COO, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft

Big increase in average deal size

The new meetings that we’ve booked by leveraging Databook insights tend to hold at a higher rate, with fewer cancellations. I think part of the reason for the higher hold rate is that we’re demonstrating that we understand their business and that we’re meeting because we have something to share that we know is of strategic value to them.

Richard Dunkel Global Head of Field Enablement